Why is Tokoyami a Bird?

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Tokoyami is a bird because of his unique appearance and abilities. He has black feathers and a long beak, which give him the look of a crow or raven. His eyes are red, and he has sharp talons on his feet.

He also has the ability to control darkness, which he uses to create shadows that can obey his commands. This power is linked to his emotional state, so when he’s feeling angry or frustrated, the shadows become more aggressive. Tokoyami is a loner who prefers to keep to himself, but he’s fiercely loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect them.

Tokoyami is a bird because of his unique appearance and abilities. He has black feathers and a long beak, which gives him a very avian look. Additionally, Tokoyami can fly using his darkness powers.

This allows him to travel great distances and get a good view of the battlefield.

Why does Tokoyami Fumikage have a bird's head

What Does Tokoyami Always Say?

Tokoyami is a student at UA Academy who’s quirk is called Dark Shadow. His quirk allows him to control a shadow-like entity that he can use for various purposes, such as flight and offense. Tokoyami always says “the darkness will consume you” when he’s about to fight someone.

It’s his way of warning his opponents that they’re about to face something they can’t possibly defeat. After all, Tokoyami’s quirk is incredibly powerful and very few people have been able to withstand its power for long. So if you ever find yourself up against Tokoyami in a battle, beware of his words!

The darkness truly will consume you if you’re not careful.

What Type of Bird is Tokoyami?

Tokoyami is a Japanese mythological creature called a tengu. Tengu are known for their long noses, which they use to sniff out evil. They also have wings, which they use to fly, and sharp claws, which they use to fight evil.

Tokoyami is a black bird with red eyes. He is the leader of the tengu and is said to be very powerful and wise.

Does Fumikage Tokoyami Have a Human Face?

No, Fumikage Tokoyami does not have a human face. His true form is that of a black bird with red eyes. However, he is able to assume a human form, which has led some to believe that he may actually be human.

There is no concrete evidence either way, but it seems most likely that Fumikage Tokoyami is not human.

Is Tokoyami a Human Or Bird?

Tokoyami is a human-bird hybrid creature from the My Hero Academia universe. He has the appearance of a young man with raven-black hair, but he also has avian features, such as a beak-like mouth and talon-like fingernails. Tokoyami’s bird half gives him enhanced physical abilities, such as increased speed, strength, and agility.

He can also fly using his wings, and he can create powerful blasts of darkness using his feathers. It is unknown exactly what Tokoyami’s origins are, but it is possible that he was born from an experimental breeding program between humans and birds. Whatever the case may be, Tokoyami is a unique individual who is not fully understood by either humans or birds.

Is Tokoyami Wearing a Mask

Tokoyami is wearing a mask because he is trying to protect himself from the outside world. He doesn’t want people to see his true self, so he wears a mask to cover up his face. Tokoyami’s mask is also a symbol of his power.

It represents the darkness that he controls and the strength that he possesses.

Who Does Tokoyami Have a Crush on

Tokoyami has a crush on Midoriya. He is attracted to her strength and determination. While he is usually quiet and reserved, he can’t help but be drawn to her fiery personality.

Fumikage Tokoyami Quirk

Tokoyami’s Quirk is called Dark Shadow. It manifests as a living shadow that is controlled by Tokoyami. The shadow is incredibly strong and can be used to attack opponents or deflect attacks.

The shadow also has the ability to absorb light, which makes it darker and more powerful. Tokoyami can only maintain control of the shadow for a short period of time, after which the shadow will become uncontrollable and dangerous.


Tokoyami is a bird because he has wings. He also has a beak and can fly.

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