What is a Male Bird Called?

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The male of a bird is typically called a cock, although there are some exceptions to this rule. The word “cock” comes from Old English and originally referred to the young of any fowl, but it eventually came to specifically mean the male chicken. In North America, the word “rooster” is often used in place of “cock”, although they are technically different words with different origins.

A rooster is a castrated cock who is kept for his meat or for fighting, while a cock is an uncastrated adult male chicken who is kept for breeding purposes.

Did you know that a male bird is called a cock? This is actually quite fitting, as the word “cock” comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning “male chicken”! So there you have it – next time you see a male bird, you can call him a cock with confidence!

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What are Male And Female Parrots Called?

Male and female parrots are called cocks and hens, respectively. The terms cock and hen are also used for other male and female birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles. Interestingly, the word “cock” is derived from the Old English word for “male chicken”, while “hen” comes from an Old English word meaning “female chicken”.

What is the Word for Female Bird?

There is no one word for female bird, as there is no one word for male bird. The term “female bird” simply refers to a adult female member of the class Aves.

Is There a Male And Female Bird?

There are many different types of birds, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some birds are brightly colored, while others are more subdued. But one thing that all birds have in common is that they can be divided into two distinct groups: male and female.

Male and female birds look very similar to one another, but there are some subtle differences that help experts tell them apart. For example, males typically have brighter plumage than females. Male birds also tend to be larger in size than females.

One of the most reliable ways to determine the gender of a bird is by looking at its reproductive organs. Female birds have what’s called a cloaca, which is an opening that functions as both the anus and the vagina. Male birds have a penis, which they use to ejaculate sperm into the cloaca of a female bird during mating.

So, in short: yes, there is such a thing as male and female birds!

What is a Female Bird Called

When it comes to naming birds, there are different terms used for males, females, and young birds. For example, a male bird is called a cock or rooster while a female is called a hen. A baby bird is referred to as a chick.

Interestingly, there are some bird species where the male and female look very different from one another. In these cases, the term “hen” can refer to the more drab-colored female while the brighter male is called a cock. This is especially common in domesticated chicken breeds.

So, what is a female bird called? The answer is simply “hen”!

Male And Female Bird

There are many differences between male and female birds, but the most obvious ones are usually related to their plumage. In some species, the males will be much more brightly coloured than the females, while in others it is the females who stand out. The reason for this difference is that males use their bright plumage to attract mates, while females use it to camouflage themselves from predators.

Another common difference between male and female birds is in their size. In many species of bird, the males are larger than the females. This again is thought to be related to mating; larger males are usually able to dominate smaller rivals and so have a better chance of passing on their genes.

One final difference between male and female birds that is worth mentioning is in their song. In many cases, it is only the males who sing; they use their songs to attract mates and warn off other males from their territory. However, there are some exceptions to this rule – in some species both sexes sing, while in others it is only the females who vocalise.

Are All Male Birds Called Roosters

Did you know that not all male birds are called roosters? In fact, many different kinds of birds have their own unique names for the males of their species. For example, a male duck is called a drake while a male goose is called a gander.

So why are male chickens specifically called roosters? The answer may lie in the history of the word itself. According to some etymologists, the word “rooster” actually comes from an Old English word meaning “to crow” or “to make a loud noise”.

And since male chickens are known for their early morning crowing (which can be quite loud!), it makes sense that they would eventually come to be known as roosters. So there you have it! The next time you hear someone refer to a male chicken as a rooster, you can impress them with your knowledge of avian vocabulary.


The male bird is called a cock, and the female bird is called a hen. The word “cock” comes from Old English cocc, which means “male chicken.”

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