How to Put a Slinky on a Bird Feeder Pole?

how to put a slinky on a bird feeder pole1

You’ve seen those bird feeders that have a pole with a little metal spiral on the end. And you’ve probably seen a slinky before. But have you ever wondered how to put a slinky on a bird feeder pole?

It’s actually quite simple! Just follow these steps and you’ll have your very own slinky-on-a-bird-feeder in no time.

  • Find a slinky and a bird feeder pole
  • Place the top of the pole through the center of the slinky
  • Spread the coils of the slinky around the pole, making sure that they are even on all sides
  • Hang the bird feeder from the top of the pole, making sure that it is securely attached

How Do You Secure a Slinky on a Bird Feeder Pole?

If you want to secure a Slinky on a bird feeder pole, the best way to do it is to tie one end of the Slinky around the pole and the other end around the bird feeder. This will keep the Slinky in place and prevent it from falling off. You can also use tape or staples to secure the Slinky if you don’t have any string handy.

Does the Slinky on Bird Feeder to Keep Squirrels Away?

No, the Slinky on bird feeders will not keep squirrels away. The Slinky may provide some slight physical deterrence to squirrels if they attempt to climb the feeder pole, but it is unlikely to be a significant deterrent. There are many products marketed as Squirrel-proof bird feeders, but there is no guarantee that any of them will be 100% effective at keeping squirrels away.

The best way to discourage squirrels from raiding your bird feeders is to take measures to make your yard less attractive to them. This may include removing other food sources such as fallen nuts and berries, trimming back trees and shrubs where they like to nest, and using baffles or covers on your bird feeders.

How Do I Keep Squirrels from Climbing My Bird Feeder Pole Slinky?

One way to keep squirrels from climbing your bird feeder pole is to use a product called Squirrel-Off. This product is applied to the pole and creates a slippery surface that squirrels can’t grip onto. Another way to deter squirrels is to wrap the pole with chicken wire or hardware cloth.

Make sure the mesh is small enough so that they can’t squeeze through it, but large enough so that it won’t impede the movement of your bird feeder. You could also try attaching a baffle to the top of your pole. Baffles are usually cone-shaped and make it difficult for squirrels (and other animals) to climb up the pole.

How Do You Make a Bird Feeder Pole Slippery?

One way to make a bird feeder pole slippery is to use a silicone lubricant. This can be applied to the inside of the pole, and will make it easier for birds to slide down. Another option is to use Vaseline or another type of grease, which can be applied to the outside of the pole.

This will make it more difficult for birds to grip the pole, and they will be more likely to slip off.

How to Put a Slinky on a Double Shepherds Hook

If you’re anything like me, you spent countless hours as a child playing with a Slinky. They’re still just as fun for adults! But what do you do when your simple single Slinky isn’t enough?

You put two of them on a double shepherds hook, of course! Here’s how: 1. Start by straightening out both of your Slinkys.

2. Take one end of each Slinky and hook it onto one side of the double shepherds hook. Make sure they’re securely hooked on so they don’t come off during play. 3. Now gently pull on the other end of each Slinky until they’re both tight on the hook.

You may need to adjust them a few times to get them just right. 4. And that’s it! You’re now ready to play with your double-Slinking action figure!

How Do You Attach a Slinky to a Shepherds Hook

Slinkies are one of the most popular toys around, and they’re also great for decorating your home. If you want to add a little bit of fun to your yard or garden, attaching a Slinky to a shepherds hook is a great way to do it. Here’s how you can do it:

1. First, find a Slinky that is the right size for your shepherds hook. You don’t want one that is too small or too big. 2. Next, put the top of the Slinky over the hook so that it hangs down.

3. Then, take the bottom part of the Slinky and stretch it out so that it goes all the way around the hook. Make sure that it’s tight so that it doesn’t come off easily. 4. Finally, let go and watch as your new decoration swings in the breeze!

Spring for Bird Feeder Pole

When the weather starts to warm up and the days begin to grow longer, it’s a sure sign that spring is on its way. For many people, this means it’s time to start thinking about getting their yards and gardens ready for the season. If you’re a bird lover, one of the best things you can do to welcome feathered friends to your property is to put up a bird feeder pole.

A bird feeder pole is exactly what it sounds like – a tall pole that supports a bird feeder. This simple addition to your yard can make a big difference in attracting birds, as well as providing them with a safe place to eat. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a bird feeder pole.

First, make sure it’s made from sturdy materials that can withstand the elements. Second, choose a height that will allow birds of all sizes to comfortably reach the feeder. And finally, be sure to place the pole in an area that’s free of obstacles so birds can easily fly in and out.

Once you have your bird feeder pole set up, fill the feeder with fresh seed or other food that birds love, and wait for them to come!


If you’ve ever wanted to see a slinky in action, but didn’t want to put in the effort required to set one up, then this blog post is for you! In just a few simple steps, you can have a slinky on your bird feeder pole in no time. All you need is a bit of string and a slinky.

First, tie one end of the string around the top of the bird feeder pole. Then, make a loop in the string and slip the middle of the slinky over the loop. Once the slinky is in place, hold onto both ends of the string and let go of the pole.

The slinky should start sliding down slowly. If it falls off, simply try again until it stays in place. Now sit back and enjoy your new moving decoration!

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