How to Keep Birds Out of Eaves?

how to keep birds out of eaves1

There are a few things you can do to keep birds from roosting in your eaves. You can install spikes or netting, which will make it difficult for them to land and build a nest. You can also try hanging CDs or pie pans from the eaves, as the reflective surface will deter birds.

Finally, you can make sure there are no food sources near your home that would attract birds in the first place.

  • Inspect your eaves and determine how the birds are getting in
  • Look for gaps or holes that the birds could be using as an entrance point
  • Once you have found the openings that the birds are using, seal them off with caulk, wire mesh, or another type of durable material
  • Place bird spikes on top of any ledges or other areas where the birds might perch
  • Bird spikes will make it difficult for birds to land and will deter them from entering your eaves
  • Install a sonic bird repeller near your eaves
  • Sonic bird repellers emit high-frequency sounds that discourage birds from entering an area

How Can I Keep Birds from Roosting in My Eaves

If you’re having problems with birds roosting in your eaves, there are a few things you can do to discourage them. First, try trimming back any branches that might be providing them with easy access to your roof. You can also install bird spikes or netting on ledges and other potential roosting spots.

Finally, make sure you regularly clean up any debris or nesting material that the birds leave behind – this will help deter other birds from moving in.


If you have a bird problem in your eaves, there are a few things you can do to keep them out. First, make sure there are no gaps or holes where they can get in. Second, use a product like Bird-B-Gone to repel them.

Finally, if you have birds nesting in your eaves, you will need to remove the nest and block off the area so they cannot return.

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