Did Dodo Birds Eat Rocks?

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Dodo birds are an extinct species of bird that was native to the island of Mauritius. The last known Dodo bird died in 1681, and the species is now believed to be extinct. However, there is still much mystery surrounding these birds, including what they ate.

Some scientists believe that Dodo birds may have eaten rocks as a source of calcium. This theory is based on the fact that many Dodos were found with stones in their gizzards, which is where food is ground up before it enters the stomach.

There’s a lot of speculation about what dodo birds ate. Some say they ate rocks, while others believe they had a more varied diet. Rocks would have been an easy source of food for dodo birds.

They could have just swallowed them whole or crushed them up to get at the nutrients inside. There’s no doubt that rocks contain many essential minerals that dodo birds would need for their survival. However, it’s also possible that dodo birds had a more varied diet and only ate rocks occasionally.

Their beaks were well-suited for eating fruits and vegetables, so they may have mostly stuck to this type of food. It’s also possible that they only resorted to eating rocks when other food sources were scarce. Whatever the case may be, we’ll probably never know for sure what dodo birds ate.

But it’s fun to speculate!

-No, Dodo Birds Did Not Eat Rocks

Dodo birds are an extinct species of flightless bird that was native to the island of Mauritius. The last known dodo bird died in 1681. Dodo birds were about 3 feet tall and weighed around 23 pounds.

They had blue-gray plumage and a large, hooked beak. Their wings were small and useless for flying. Instead, they used their powerful legs to run from predators.

Dodos were not very intelligent birds and were easily caught by humans or predators. They had no fear of humans and would often approach them, making them easy targets. The dodo’s extinction is largely due to human hunting and habitat loss.

-What Did Dodo Birds Eat

The dodo bird was a native of the island of Mauritius, and it is now extinct. The last recorded sighting of a dodo was in 1662. The dodo was about 3 feet tall and weighed around 20 pounds.

It had a big head, small wings, and a short beak. The Dodo’s diet consisted mostly of fruits, nuts, and seeds.


Dodo birds were flightless birds that lived on the island of Mauritius. The last known dodo bird died in 1681. Dodo birds were about three feet tall and weighed about 50 pounds.

They had short, thick legs and a small head. Their beak was hooked and their feathers were grayish-brown. Dodo birds fed on fruits, nuts, and seeds.

They also ate small animals, such as lizards and snakes. Some people believe that dodo birds ate rocks to help them digest their food properly.

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