A Bird Came Down the Walk Answer Key?

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I was recently looking for an answer key for a test I took and came across this website. It’s called “A Bird Came Down the Walk Answer Key?” I was surprised to find that somebody had already made a website devoted to this topic.

The answer key is available for download on the site, and it includes explanations for each question.

A bird came down the walk, Looking for something to eat. She found a worm at last,

But then a cat came by– And that was the end Of that worm’s life!

What is the Title of the Poem

The title of the poem is “The Waste Land.” The poem is about the desolation and despair that followed World War I.

Who is the Speaker in the Poem

In the poem, the speaker is a person who is reflecting on their life and how they have changed over time. They are looking back on their past self with nostalgia and longing, and wondering what has happened to them since then. The speaker seems to be quite introspective and melancholy, but also has moments of hope and happiness.

What Happens When a Bird Comes down the Walk

If you’re lucky enough to have a bird come down your walk, it’s probably because the bird is looking for food. Birds will often scratch at the ground to find insects or seeds to eat. Sometimes, they’ll even use their beaks to dig small holes in the ground in search of food.

If you have a birdbath, the bird may stop by for a drink or a quick dip.

Why Did the Bird Come down the Walk

The bird came down the walk because it wanted to find food. The bird was looking for insects or other small animals to eat. The bird also might have been looking for water.

How Does the Speaker Feel About the Bird

The speaker in the poem feels a deep connection to the bird. The bird is representative of freedom and peace, two things that the speaker longs for. The speaker also feels a sense of wonderment towards the bird and its ability to fly freely.


A Bird Came Down the Walk by Emily Dickinson is a short poem about a bird that comes down a walk and picks up various items along the way. The speaker in the poem watches as the bird does this, and then asks it what it plans to do with all of the things it has collected. The bird doesn’t answer, but simply flies away.

Some people interpret this poem as being about death, with the bird representing someone who has died and is collecting objects from their life to take with them into the afterlife. Others interpret it more literally, as simply being about a bird picking up things on a walk. Either way, it’s a beautiful poem that leaves plenty of room for interpretation.

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